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Bunnings Fund Raising BBQ

On Sunday 23rd October, our Club was fortunate enough to receive a BBQ day at Bunnings Maroondah Highway Croydon. The weekend started on the Saturday with Ian, Macca & Peter peeling and dicing 10 kg of onions at Ian’s. They were then refrigerated ready for Sunday. (The fridge still smells a bit).

Sunday was an early start at Coles Chirnside Park, (so early we beat the bread delivery), taking delivery of sausages and later bread. They went down to the Clubroom fridge to keep fresh for mercy dashes from the BBQ site as required, which was only a stones throw away. The day was going to be a hot one around 30°C, and until you have barbecued in a marquee with three walls, you have no idea how hot it gets. All those who cooked left a little lighter for the experience, as the day was very warm but also very humid.

Everyone was allocated tasks on a rotation basis i.e. cooks, servers, money handler, stock replenishment etc. Food handling was paramount which I believe we aced given what I have seen at many sausage sizzle’s since. The tent was staffed all day so members could take breaks throughout the day. All those who helped had an enjoyable day but it was hard work having times of no one waiting, to pandemonium as people queued and cooked sausages ran out.

I take my hat off to some of out more senior members who well and truly pulled their weight (Some had more than others (weight that is)). Overall the day was extremely successful for the Club both financially and socially. At the end of the day, most of our drinks and sausages were sold and I for one had a solid nights sleep.


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